• SUFFEREIGN performing the Skull Fucked Fest 5
    Rather than drowing you in the lobotomized crowds of the Christmas market, we strongly invite you to go to the Molodoï on December Sunday 4th, for the fifth edition of the Skull Fucked Fest. Doors opening at 2pm – we will perform with the Parisian band ‘Drowning’ and the Colmarisian band ‘Bloody Sign’.

    Secreted Insanity will be the album’s title. Conkrete studios have just finished mixing and we will reveal in a few days the first notes, as well as the cover drawn by Tony Koehl (Goratory cover). What we can tell you so far: the end result is amazing.

  • 14/08/05
  • SUFFEREIGN enters the studio...
    We had promised an album so it was necessary to put ourselves in it... Next week the recording sessions begins at Map (Strasbourg) and afterwards the tracks will carefully be digested, mixed and masterized by el Mobo @ Conkrete studios (Bordeaux). When listening to his last exactions, no doubt that our new songs will be well handled.

    Pictures from Music's Day
    We’ve heard that some even survived it… Pics.

  • 16/06/05
  • Music Day - June 21st in Strasbourg
    If you roam in the dark and full of life alleys of Strasbourg on June 21st in the evening you will find us rue des Drapiers at the crossing of Grand'Rue with other bands such as Molosse, Azalia, Synopsis, or Bluster. Beginning of the concerts: 7pm.
  • SUFFEREIGN live in Huttenheim
    No doubt that our next concerts will make a bunch of ears bleeding. After the kick-ass concert with Eminence and Supatyrol, here's our next rendez-vous : May the 28th with Farewell and Molosse. We just wish to confirm our previous performance...
    More news are coming soon about the Music's Day (21th June)

    Pictures of Sélestat
    We would like to thank all the folks that came to support us during our concert at Le Tigre. Pictures are now available on the Pics page.

    New album soon...
    Suffereign will record its new album this summer; more news will come very soon.

  • 15/02/05
    Finally taken out of our wintry lethargy, our first concert for 2005 looks violent. We will assure the pre-heating of your eardrums in first part of the Brazilian group Eminence (ex Sépultura) on May 4th in Sélestat. This concert will be the occasion to inaugurate on stage our new line up.
    Stéphane: new guitarist in the band
    Due to the departure of Olivier end of 2004 because of the distance, we welcomed Stéphane within our formation. He has the level, the sound and he likes worms. In brief, he fills all the criteria...
  • 11/07/04
  • A New Bassist has arrived in the suff' team !!
    We are proud to welcome Matthieu as a new entity of Suffereign. Our formation is now completed and we're preparing to compose some better songs in the future. Matthieu's technical abilities allowed to improve the future songs through new musical textures.

  • New musical submission
    After six months of a lethargic silence, a few songs were written, recorded, mixed and puked by our own cares, three titles could be downloaded in the "Disco fever" section or you can take this stuff directly in cliking on the following links:
    - Fornicating The Carrion.
    - Carnal Fest.
    - Foetus Collection (Version 2004).
    We'll appreciate all the comments, appreciations, insults, threatens and so on... Follow your instincts and sign your gutsbook !
  • 12/01/04
    • 2004 !!
    • Suffereign wished you all a happy new metallic year. Thanks to everyone who support Suffereign and everyone who come visited this site. Thanks a lot !! The worms salute you !
    • Update of the content.
      You can found some old pictures with possibility to enlarge them + new links...associations, bands, the trades of banners is possible. New pictures should be available soon.
    • Suffereign wanted.
      For infomation: We are always looking for a new bass player able to execute some technical parts.
    • One year after the first update, Suffereign comes back in front of the projectors.
      After our first demo entitled "Embryoworms", Suffereign wake up finally after one year of inactivity due to professionel activities, occupations of our members. However Suffereign is still alive and works on new songs since September 2003.
    • Carlos has left the band and decided to join Dvorhead. Florent too busy with his own band Organ Harvest has chosen to stop this activities with Suffereign. We would also like to wish him the best of luck in their musical experiences. We are proud to Gilles as your new vocalist. His motivation and his abilities are very postive for the musical evolution of Suffereign. Check your next gigs to see the beast. We have created some new songs: "Feast of Flesh" ( provisional title ) who is almost finished. "Extended Thoughts Of A Lying Corpse" is under construction. We hope so to have enough stuffs to begin new gigs at the beginning of this new Year :) During this year, we will started probably the recording of our next demo, more infos in the next update !

    • Démo " Embryoworms" is available.
      Our first demo is now available in Cd-R version, with cover and layout front/back. You can also see it in the " Pics " section. If you live outside of France, this demo will cost 6US $ (post included). Although you can always download the entire demo in the " Disco " section. If some people are interested to have a Cdr copy. Contact me at the following e-mail address : disincarnate_creation@hotmail.com
    • Suffereign is now online.
      Our first demo cd will be available very soon, you can expect it near December 2002.
      Please check our mp3s in the discography section.

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